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Everything You Need To Know About Wild Rift Placement Matches

League of Legends: Wild Rift is a highly competitive game that requires teamwork, knowledge, and experience to be successful. Rift placement matches are an essential part of the game. They determine your ranking and help to identify the best guild to join. It’s an integral aspect of the wild-rift ranking system. These matches allow players to show their skills and earn their spot on the ladder. All players must complete 10 placement matches at the start of each season. These matches will determine the player’s initial ranking. After the matches for placement have been concluded and players are assigned to one of eight levels: iron, bronze or silver, or gold, platinum diamond, master or challenger. Players must keep their position within their class by winning matches as well as moving up the ladder. Matches for placement are an important element of the system of ranking. They shouldn’t be ignored. If players are serious about climbing the ranks, they should make the effort to know as much as they can. Wild rift match-ups can be a great way to help players improve their skills as well as earn their spot on the wild rift ladder.

Wild rift players won’t need to wait in queues to play flex or solo games, as there is only one queue that is ranked. This queue allows you to select whether you would like to queue on your own as a single player, with your colleagues, or as three or four players. Wild Rift’s ranking matches are updated. You’ll now be put into a league based upon your average MMR when you participate in your 10 placement matches. League points are required in order advance to a better league. Your league will put you in a division. You can also earn promotion points to be promoted to higher levels. Wild rift’s updated ranking system is more equitable and enjoyable for everyone. Get out and start getting better!

Wild rift placement matches live. The first set of matches will determine which one of the four divisions you’ll start in: Iron (Bron, Silver, and Gold). Following that, you’ll be required to win five ranking games for advancement to the next level of the promotion series. You will be promoted if you beat three of the five games, and you lose three. When you open the wild rift, you can view your current position. From there, you’ll be able to also see how many wins are needed for promotion as well and how many losses could result in your de-ranking. The ultimate goal of the wild-rift series of promotions is to reach the Platinum, Diamond or Mythic rank. These are the highest three tiers in wild rift and players need to keep an extremely high rate of winning in order to reach the top of the ladder. Wild rift is still very much in its beta phase. This means that players have plenty of time to get the system mastered and improve their strategies. Promotions will get tougher as more players advance to higher ranks, however, those who put in the effort and time will be rewarded with a prestigious place on their wildrift profile.

If you’re looking to get into the competitive world of wild rifts, then taking part in match-making is the ideal way to get started. These matches give you the chance to prove your worth and win rewards, while also helping to enhance your skills. So, quench your thirst and best of luck!

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